Image upload tool to prepare input for ACCEL getChan()-function

This tool allows you to upload an image to a designated channel, say 'myChannel', so that ACCEL-function call 'p=getChan('myChannelxxx')' will store the xxx-color channel of the image as a nested vector of integers into quantity p, as in [[34,56,234,76,...],[...],...]. Elements in each vector are between 0 and 255. Such as nested vector can represent each of the channels red, green or blue, or the unweighted average of the three (=a grey scale image). The image is resampled to a given resolution; resolutions can not be larger than 120, so as not to waste bandwidth and not to jeopardize ACCEL's real-time performance (notice: the resolution of the plotType 'image' is 100 x 100; furthermore, the getChan()-function is executed at most once per 1000 milliseconds to any given channel. If the user enters a key string, say 'myKey', the default names of the 4 derived images are 'myKeyRed', 'mykeyGrn', 'myKeyBlu', and 'myKeyGray', respectively. These names can be changed if necessary.).

type in or paste the url of an image below:

type a key string below (e.g., 'myChannel'):

give the resolution of the uploaded image (max=120):